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Flourishing is about relationship - with yourself, others and the planet. Find out more or connect.

What is The Flourish Project?

The Flourish Project is our Mighty Network for everyone who wants to help shape a better future for themselves, those for whom they care and the planet we inhabit. We'd love you to join us. 

Our Core Principles:

Whole Systems Perspective
Understanding the triple nature of wellbeing and the primary importance of
right relationship – to Self, Others and the Natural World

Seeing Anew
Understanding the biological and psychological roots of our personal worldviews
Exploring the assumptions and beliefs that have created our internal maps of the world

Awakening Capacity
Optimising our unique capacities and potentials
Owning the power of personal agency and choice
Becoming centres of activity
Moving from self-interest to system flourishing and sustainability

Love in Action
Expressing love and compassion as the integrating relational principle

Leadership and governance
Political and economic systems that nurture both people and planet